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While our support team is reviewing your request please refer to “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” below to assist with common inquiries.


I have state Medicare/Medicaid, am I eligible to receive free Covid-19 tests through

Currently, Tiero does not participate with state Medicaid/Medicare medical insurance. However, as an alternative solution Tiero will process the claim through your pharmacy benefits, if available. Just list your current medical insurance carrier information and we’ll take care of the rest! You will receive an email notification from Tiero notifying you of your approval status.


My insurance company shows that I was billed, where are my COVID-19 tests?

Your COVID-19 test kits will be shipped once approved by your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier covers the cost of the COVID-19 test kits, resulting in no out-of-pocket costs for you! Please be advised charges billed to your insurer are not a guarantee of approval.

Why is it taking so long for my insurance company to approve my COVID-19 tests?

Approval times range depending on your insurance carrier. Please be advised, you may note a delay in shipment when viewing your insurance carrier member portal. Insurance members are typically notified by their insurance carrier of approval prior to Tiero receiving such notification of approval. Typically, most insurance carriers provide notice of approval within 2-4 weeks of registration.

I received a bill in the mail from my insurance company, am I responsible for non-covered charges?

 Per President Biden’s COVID-19 mandate, you are NOT responsible for any payments for your FREE COVID-19 test kits. Please note: If your insurance provider does not cover the cost of your COVID-19 test kits, you may receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance provider stating you “may owe” the cost of COVID-19 kits from either Tiero or Village Green Apothecary. SUCH EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS IS NOT A BILL. Please disregard any such charge, as you will never be billed directly for the cost of your COVID-19 test kits.


My COVID-19 test kits were denied by my insurance carrier, am I still going to receive my tests?

 In the event your insurance carrier has denied your claim, you will receive an email notification from Tiero notifying you of such denial. Unfortunately, Tiero would be unable to provide you with the COVID-19 test kits due to your insurance carrier not covering the cost of the tests.


My COVID-19 test kits are taking longer than expected, Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time! All future test kit shipments (other than those already in process) will be canceled. If you would like to register again in the future, please visit us again at For instructions on how to cancel your account please click cancel.


I cancelled my account, why am I receiving an email that more COVID-19 tests kit shipments are on the way?

Your account remains inactive from the time of your account cancellation. Please be advised that you will soon be receiving COVID-19 tests that were ordered prior to your cancellation. Any such shipment will not result in any new charges to your insurance provider. We apologize for any inconvenience concerning delay in shipping. Thank you.

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